About Jinlong Equipment

For high speed railway glass, fireproof glass, bullet proof glass and more, customers need to know that their choice in manufacturer is someone they can rely on for safety and quality. That is why customers from all over the world have turned to us here at Anping Jinlong Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. Established in 2001, we are a trusted name in the manufacturing of railway glass, multi-laminated fire resistant glass, bulletproof glass, CSP solar energy glass and marine glass to meet a variety of customer needs. Our dedication to safety and quality is proven in our partnership with the Ministry of Railway, and other high profile clients all over the world. With a passion for quality and safety, we have grown into a reliable and popular name for the design, manufacturing, marketing and support of glass products for high profile safety needs. Read More

Main Products
  • Quality Control
  • Our testing equipment includes a transmittance tester, anti-irradiation tester, optical distortion tester, surface stress tester, Vicker's hardness tester, eddy current meter, anti-pressure tester, thermographic camera, ion tester and more. All tests required by industry standards are regularly conducted within our labs in order to enforce quality and safety control over all products and processes, as well as work with new technologies, materials and techniques. According to customer requirements, we can also send the glass to appointed national or international 3rd parties for inspection.